Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.
William Arthur Ward

Welcome to the first Team12 Newsletter, marking the official beginning of the ‘12in12’, and our yearlong commitment to HOPEHIV.
We are a group of 25 sporting enthusiasts who aim to bring HOPE through ACTION, each performing 12 challenges in 12 months throughout 2012. Team members have pledged to train in the snow, run in the rain, swim in dirty bogs, cycle across mountains and deserts and in so doing inspire our supporters and onlookers to donate to an amazing cause, as we push our personal boundaries (and get rather muddy).
I continue to be humbled by the passion and commitment each member has for our joint mission: to raise £250,000 for HOPEHIV, as well as by the generosity of so many of our supporters before the year has even begun. We are so grateful to those who will be supporting us every month via a £12/month direct debit, and if this is something that appeals please do download the form on the homepage. We are also still recruiting Cupcake Ambassadors and we would love to invite you, or any keen bakers you know, to join us in our monthly bake sales.
Through this Newsletter we look forward to sharing with you the tears, traumas, highs, lows and hilarity that is the 12in12, and most importantly to publicise what’s coming up so you can pop it in your diaries and start limbering up!

Best regards,

Sarah O’Neill
Founder, The 12in12: HOPE in ACTION

A word from HOPEHIV

We here at HOPEHIV are so excited about seeing Sarah and the rest of amazing Team12 launch into the 12in12 this January. The challenge is huge, but the team’s determination, enthusiasm and ambition are even bigger. As they run, jump, swim, skate, hike, cycle, snorkel and bake their way through 2012, it will be amazing to see the potential of what is possible as they remain faithful to this journey.
And this for me represents a direct parallel to what HOPEHIV have been seeing on the ground in Africa, where the money the 12in12 raises will make such a difference. Every year I am still overwhelmed by so many lives torn apart at such a young age, but every year I am increasingly inspired by real change and lives changed forever; the gap between hope and hopelessness is scarily thin. However, I begin this year with an urgent sense of compelling determination. What holds it all together is a genuine belief that if we remain faithful to our mission out in Africa, these children and young people have a courage, resilience and sheer heart to find their own way forward for themselves and their siblings.
So we look forward to seeing in this monthly newsletter the many tales of a tough journey faithfully held to by Team12, and the incredible potential that will result for the many young lives the 12in12 will help us to positively impact.

Very best wishes,

Mark Glen

mark ezine

The Team
25 people, six nationalities, 312 events, 12 months, one cause. Welcome to Team 12. Put together using a vague 'six degrees of separation' methodology, we're comprised of friends, friends of friends, colleagues of friends, friends of's all rather complicated. But from the Quantity Surveyor to the Marketing Manager, the Clinical Perfusionist to the IT Consultant (not to mention 2 Olympic torch bearers!), one thing unites us all:
A love of Tom Hanks 80s movies.
Wait...what? It's actually a love of seeing children from sub-Saharan Africa who have previously been crushed under the twin jackboots of appalling poverty and parental bereavement, discovering for the first time what possibilities life holds, and being given the tools to build a stronger, brighter, independent future for themselves. We're here - with your help - to give them a few more of those tools and, hopefully, many years of happiness and fulfilment. You can read our individual profiles here:

team 12 ezine

A little warm up for some Team 12 members: The CAFOD Nativity Run, Saturday 17 December

nativity run