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Promote 12in12 ezine mail

Nicki P and Promote PR

1. What inspired you to join the 12in12?
Two words – Sarah O’Neill! In September 2011 I went out to Marbella to join Sarah at her fitness holiday, it was here that I was in absolute awe of her energy and passion for HOPEHIV and the idea behind the12in12. She had recently returned from Africa and her account of the work that the charity was doing in the townships really inspired me to get involved and make a difference. What better time than Olympic year to revive my competitive spirit, to push myself to the limits, physically and mentally, and raise important funds for such a worthy cause. Also, the chance to travel to Durban in December 2012 to see how our funds were impacting upon the lives of the local communities sealed the deal for me.
2. How did Rhianon and Katie come onboard?
It was after my initial email about the12in12 to colleagues and friends that Rhianon and Katie came aboard. Newlyweds Rhianon and Dawfydd were naturally looking for the next project to plan and Katie had recently returned from South Africa so she wanted to use her love for all things crazy to help those less fortunate and the communities that she had previously visited.
3. And now Sue! How did you persuade your MD to be in the team?
It was on a Promote night out in March that I was able to convince Sue to join the ever growing team of 12in12ers. With her husband by her side and a few glasses of wine later, Sue was on board. The very next morning Sue had already put a list together of her 12 challenges and had plans in place for her shiny new blog
4. What fundraising events and challenges await you and the team?
From quizzes to car boot sales, The 3 Peaks Challenge to climbing Table Mountain, Wildman to Hellrunner, 50k kayak to sprint triathlons, marathons to 12 hour rows, the Promote team has it covered!
5. What are your plans for the 12hour bounceathon?
Trampolining just had to play a part somewhere along my list of challenges and so I plan to arrange a 12 hour bounceathon in October. The idea is that we’ll keep a trampoline (or two) bouncing for 12 hours straight. All ages and abilities are welcome, we’ll be offering some coaching, having a go at synchro and volleyball and we’re even arranging an appearance from a top GB trampolinist. I’ll keep you all posted on dates and times, but it promises to be a lot of fun. I’m sure a Team 12 morph suit might even make an appearance!
6. Are other people joining your challenges and fundraising too?
Yes, I have pretty much managed to recruit the majority of my immediate family. My mum, Sue and brother, Adam will be joining me on the gruelling 3 Peaks challenge along with my boyfriend, Mark and his dad, Iain. Using my powers of persuasion, Mark has also signed up to a further five challenges including his first triathlon.
7. Who else is supporting you this year?
The support that Team 12 has received so far has been unreal! I have been so amazed by the generosity of family, industry friends and colleagues. Personal Trainer Brenden Flanagan has been putting me through my paces at the Royal Berks Virgin Active in his free time – his strength and conditioning sessions have made such a huge difference to my fitness. I’m now a big fan of boxing and kick boxing (despite ‘the guns’ making an appearance once again!).
We’ve also received some very generous kit sponsorship from the likes of Orca and Under Armour. The magic wand of my sports gear though has to go to my compression + ice wardrobe from 110%. Training for a marathon in May I’ve certainly had to put the mileage in and a speedy recovery from each training session has been so important - my 110% kit has done just that! I can actually say it’s the best bit of kit I have ever worn.
In a few weeks time I’ll be prepping for my first ever open water swim and sprint triathlon – Blueseventy has very kindly donated a triathlon two piece, Helix wet suit and goggles so I’ll definitely look the part. Now I just need to learn how to peel myself out of a wetsuit – I’m hoping that my training sessions with GB triathlete Seb Navarro will equip me with this skill!
And lastly, a huge thankyou to everyone that has sponsored me and the team so far. Just three months in and we have funded our very first street project with HOPEHIV – the energy and motivation amongst the team to achieve our target of £250,000 is spurred on everyday by your kind support and donations.