March Highlights

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable."
Thomas Foxwell Buxton

March has been another exciting month with half marathons, adventure races, endurance bike rides, off-road challenges galore and the notoriously gruesome Jurassic Coast to Coast completed by Jo and Justine. Things got steamy at BOOM! Cycle, raising almost £2.5k in our 12 hour indoor cycling marathon that featured live DJs, a smattering of cheesy tunes and some brave morph-suit wearing. We are thrilled to welcome Sue Anstiss to the team, MD of Promote PR, who is beginning her 12in12 from April, meaning she will be completing a 12in9 - epic!

We are humbled to see so many friends and family starting to come on board in a huge way. We've had a number of wonderful people set up justgiving pages to support the 12in12 via one event or more, and innovative fundraisers such as a cupcake and champers party, a huge bake sale (350 cupcakes!) and some seriously delicious work by all our cupcake ambassador network, which continues to make an enormous difference to our fundraising, as well as bringing a little sunshine to offices across the world! THANK YOU to all of our supporters for getting stuck in - it means so much.

Since January, Team 12in12 have run, swum, hiked, rowed, snowshoed and cycled an impressive 7,949 miles over some of the toughest terrain the globe has to offer. That's just over a third of the way around the world, so our amazing team of amateur athletes are well on track to hit our 25,000 mile goal by the end of 2012. Amazing stuff!

What we've been up to....

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Mishap of

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Previous month's mishaps have related to elephant charging and near fatal collisions, but this month it's a little more light-hearted. The lovely Lucinda almost missed her last event, not through any death-defying feat, but simply through having a good old perve!
Lucinda was sat on a train with about 20 other runners, they disembarked and a 'hottie' turned to her and said, 'you not coming?' He'd seen she was in full running gear (as was he), their eyes met across the carrriage...So off bounded Lucinda; 'I think it's over here', said Hottie, pointing to the center of Richmond park. That's when Lucinda realised Hottie was going to a different race; she had got off 4 stops too early, had to ditch the cutie and jump into a cab.

'Luckily I made it to the start line - missed my wave with the elites <- I wish! and had a fantastic race.' Lucky for you Lucinda!


12hour BOOM! Indoor Cycling Marathon

BOOM!ed our Bodies...

On 10 March we hosted a 12 hour indoor cycling marathon at a funky new studio in Shoreditch, BOOM! Cycle, raising a fantastic £2481.95. Over 150 people took part, cycling for one or more hours between 7am-7pm. Our very own T12 Matt Pullen cycled for the full 12 hours (even donning his morph suit mid-morning) alongside Max Willcocks, an ultra-endurance athlete who was sponsored for this event alongside a 100-mile race the prior weekend (as one does), raising over £750. BOOM! A HUGE thank you to Max as well as our awesome line-up of instructors, live DJs and the fabulous Hilary Gilbert and Robert Rowland for hosting the event. A further thanks goes to Vita Coco and Nuun for keeping us well hydrated throughout the day, plus the lovely Fiona at HOPEHIV and Christine Smith for baking yummy treats for the best!