Meet the team and find out what is spurring them on through 2012. Feeling inspired? Message them to join in one (or more!) of the events, or visit their justgiving page to help us achieve our £250,000 target.

Name: Kerry McCarthy

Age: 32

Occupation: Health and Fitness Writer

Profile: Kerry is Senior Writer at Runner's World magazine, a role which not only allows him to plod laboriously round races in various foreign countries but also to indulge in the odd pie-fest in the name of fuelling – a combo which does not bode well for the long-term health of his knees. He has trained with Paula Radcliffe, raced Usain Bolt (photo finish), and run a half-marathon around an active volcano all in the name of journalism, but the 12in12 is by far his biggest challenge to date.

Most looking forward to: "Two things: firstly, completing the Marathon Des Sables and knowing that I've just done something I can tell my grandkids about; and also catching up with HOPEHIV in 2013 to find out how the money we raise has made a difference."

Most nervous about: "The London Triathlon. I can swim about as well as Vanessa Feltz can walk past a dessert trolley, so training for the 1.5km open water section will be a major, major undertaking."