Meet the team and find out what is spurring them on through 2012. Feeling inspired? Message them to join in one (or more!) of the events, or visit their justgiving page to help us achieve our £250,000 target.

Name: Jo Hope

Age: 30

Occupation: Training & Support Manager

Profile: Jo spends her days sat at a desk or sat in her car, so to combat this she is often found in Battersea Park in the early hours getting in some much needed activity and fresh air, all year round. Having completed a few 10k charity runs and the Commando Challenge in the last couple of years, 12in12 is going to be a major step up a gear.

Most looking forward to: "The incredible scenery some of my events should take in, from the Jurassic Coast to the peaks of the Highlands. This will hopefully take my mind off some of the distances I will be covering."

Most nervous about: "Glen Nevis River Race. Jumping off a cliff into a cold Scottish river. And then finding my lilo."