The 12in12: 12 months, 12 challenges,
one mission - to raise £250,000 for HOPEHIV.
Throughout 2012 each member of Team 12 will
undertake one event per month, ranging from the epic (ultra marathons, ironman) to the ridiculous (bog snorkelling). For each challenge the team will try to recruit as many fellow adventurers as possible, all fundraising for our cause.
We believe in using who we are to make a difference - across
the year we hope there will be something that appeals to you -
from sports to baking to books. It's a big idea. We hope that
our actions will help make a big difference.

The finale to the 12in12 is almost upon us. In December, starting on 12/12/12, four members of Team 12 will tackle the biggest challenge of their year to date: running 12 marathons in 12 days. That's 12 x 26.2 miles: 314.4 miles in total!

What's more they want you to join them! Click the link below to find out more about the HOPE TOUR and how you can get involved: